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Hi I'm Jasmine.

You may know me as Ruby.

Why the two names?

People who call me Ruby would have gotten to know me from the ACG (Anime, Comic & Games) circle. Ruby is a persona I naturally put on in front of the camera. Jasmine on the other hand, is my more vulnerable self. 

While Ruby loves the attention and being in the spotlight, Jasmine is the exact opposite. But don’t worry, you can call me any of those names. 

Sounds weird, dude.

The world would be a boring place without weird people. And that’s exactly the reason I made this blog – to jot down every step of my journey in self-discovery, and to let people know that it’s honestly okay to be different. 

I mean, being the same as everyone else sounds much worse to me than being ‘weird’. 

Chaotic Paradox?

Is my constant state of mind. 

When I got to know that I had anxiety, it clarified a lot of things. I figured out why I would find myself dizzy in the middle of the school hall, even with air-conditioning on full blast.  I figured out what was affecting my gastrointestinal issues. I figured out why my mind was constantly full with voices and ideas bouncing around in the night.

I never knew back when I was a teenager that I had anxiety, or how to cope with it. It made me insecure about a lot of things, from my appearance to my abilities. But as I grew older and learned more about mental health, I feel that my ultimate journey is to accept myself. 

The journey isn’t going to be easy. But nothing is ever easy in this life. 

You’re safe here, with me.

Here on my blog, I'll be sharing everything that comes to my mind. From personal thoughts to pieces of my life, and to the other topics that you're most probably here for - Beauty,  skincare, games, and anything that comes to my mind! 

These topics in particular, are also the very things that help in distracting myself from my anxiety. So I hope by sharing and writing, I’ll be able to help you distract yourself from any pain, fear or anxiety you’re facing.  

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