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Blackheads? Don't know her - Be The Skin BHA+ Line Full Review

Be The Skin is a Korean brand that StyleKorean has just recently added to their catalog, and hence I was lucky enough to receive Be The Skin's BHA+ Line to through their Try Me Review Me campaign.


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💖 To-know before you read my skincare reviews 💖

- I live in Malaysia (tropical, humid and hot af climate)

- I have dry to very dry skin

- My main issues with skin revolves around closed comedones and fungal acne

First Impressions

I really love the sleek packaging for this line of products. All of them are white and dark blue-themed and I was really attracted by the overall aesthetic. This time I received them in a normal box rather than the 'Try Me Review Me' box.

After some research though, I was unfortunately a little disappointed with the ingredients list. Read my full review below.

BHA+ Pore Zero Cleansing Foam Review

Be The Skin - BHA+ Pore Zero Cleansing Foam review
Be The Skin - BHA+ Pore Zero Cleansing Foam


💸 Price - USD12 | RM35 (150ml)

📦 Packaging – Large squeezy tube

💧 Texture – White, condensed foam

🌸 Scent – Has a prominent herbal fragrance


✨ Cleanses unnecessary oil and waste

✨ Patented green fruit (shine muscat, green papaya, green apple, blue plum) ingredients

✨ Protects the skin barrier, retains moisture

✔️ Alcohol-free, paraben-free, silicone-free

❗️ Not fungal-acne safe, not considered non-comedogenic

❗️ Not sulfate-free, fragrance-free

Be The Skin - BHA+ Pore Zero Cleansing Foam texture, review
Be The Skin - BHA+ Pore Zero Cleansing Foam Texture


A strong, exfoliating cleanser that is efficient but quite stripping and drying apart from their 'gentle deep cleanse' claims. Has a high percentage of myristic acid, which tends to be rather drying - along with TEA-Lauryl Sulfate. The herbal fragrance in this is the strongest among all the other products in this line. It smells like Chinese herbal medicine but more minty.

It has a slight squeaky clean feeling after using it, and you may find the fragrance a bit overpowering throughout the process. It may work well for combination or oily skin types, but if you have dry skin like me, I really don't recommend this 😅

I give this a 2/5 ⭐️⭐️ as it may work for other people, won't be reaching for this but it may work for people with resilient combination or oily skin. According to some of my friends from the skincare community, they still found this stripping even though they do not have dry skin.

BHA+ Pore Zero Toner Review

Be The Skin - BHA+ Pore Zero Toner review
Be The Skin - BHA+ Pore Zero Toner


💸 Price - USD17 | RM45 (150ml)

📦 Packaging – Sleek plastic bottle

💧 Texture – Watery

🌸 Scent – Fragrance-free


✨ 85% naturally derived Willow BHA™

✨ Mild exfoliating toner, calms irritated skin

✔️ Fragrance-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free

✔️ Fungal-acne safe, non-comedogenic

❗️ Not alcohol-free

Be The Skin - BHA+ Pore Zero Toner texture, review
Be The Skin - BHA+ Pore Zero Toner Texture


Aww man, I loved the sleek packaging of this, but the moment I read 'Alcohol' on the ingredients list I was so sad 🤕 I have dry skin, and hence I don't reach for any skincare product with alcohol because alcohol as you know - dries out skin.

This mild, exfoliating toner feels refreshing on the skin, takes a while to absorb for me but it leaves a beautiful non-sticky finish. It contains 85% of the BHA+ Line's key ingredient, which is the Willow BHA™. I would've loved this if it was alcohol-free. Several of my friends who are alright with having alcohol in their skincare really loved this, so I would advise the same. If you don't mind alcohol, you'll probably love this toner.

I give this a 2/5 ⭐️⭐️, definitely would rate it higher if it was formulated without alcohol. I will unfortunately not be reaching for this as there are so many better alternatives.

BHA+ Pore Zero Serum Review

Be The Skin - BHA+ Pore Zero Serum review
Be The Skin - BHA+ Pore Zero Serum


💸 Price - USD20 | RM48 (30ml)

📦 Packaging – Plastic dropper bottle

💧 Texture – Medium density, watery texture

🌸 Scent – Has a herbal fragrance


✨ 11% naturally-derived Willow BHA™ and AHA

✨ Pore-care, gives smooth and fresh skin

✔️ Alcohol-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free

✔️ Fungal-acne safe, non-comedogenic

Be The Skin - BHA+ Pore Zero Serum texture, review
Be The Skin - BHA+ Pore Zero Serum


Right off the bat, I'm a serum whore - I love serums and essences, so I was the most excited for this one, and I'm glad to say that it didn't let me down 😍 The green color comes from naturally-derived chlorophyll 🍃. The herbal scent fits it's overall aesthetic 🌿, but when you use everything from this line together - it kind of becomes a little overbearing.

This serum is meant for use in areas with blackheads and excess sebum, such as your cheeks, forehead and T-zone area. It absorbs well and even though it has exfoliating ingredients, it's still quite gentle on my skin 👍. I'm not sure if this is good to use every single day since it's still an exfoliating serum, but I only use it once every two or three days.

My favorite from this line, I give this a 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. It's an efficient pore-cleansing serum that would have been much preferable without the fragrance. But personally, I don't mind fragrance as long as the product works for me. This one showed prominent results and I highly recommend this for every skin type, that is if you're tolerant to fragrance in skincare.

BHA+ Dark Spot Zero Cream Review


💸 Price - USD22 | RM48 (35ml)

📦 Packaging – Long, sleek squeezy tube with pointed dispenser

💧 Texture – Light cream

🌸 Scent – Has a soft herbal fragrance


✨ Wrinkle improvement & whitening dual functional cream

✨ Calms irritated skin

✨ Skin barrier strengthening

✔️ Alcohol-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free

❗️ Not fungal-acne safe, not considered non-comedogenic

Be The Skin - BHA+ Dark Spot Zero Cream texture, review
Be The Skin - BHA+ Dark Spot Zero Cream Texture


My first impression was - wow, this spot treatment is huge 🥴 Was quite confused on whether it was a spot treatment or a moisturizer - it has a spot treatment's packaging but a moisturizer's texture and consistency. Apparently, this product is a treatment/moisturizer hybrid - imagine my confusion when I saw that it wasn't non-comedogenic 🥴

It has a light cream texture that glides effortlessly across the skin. Also has the signature herbal scent 🌿 from this line, but is considered the most bearable one among all the others. The ingredients list is pretty decent with Niacinamide in it, but it has a tacky finish that not everyone will enjoy. Because it's not silicone-free, you'll feel the typical skin-firming feeling as it dries down.

Overall, I give it a 3.5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨, it's not a bad product, it just feels a little awkward in my skincare routine 🤔. Doesn't do much as a spot treatment and doesn't provide enough moisture as a moisturizer 🤔. And furthermore, it's not non-comedogenic. More recommended for combination or oily skin rather than dry skin. Unfortunately didn't see much of it's claimed effects on my skin.

TL;DR - Not dry-skin friendly, the serum is decent

Here's my personal ratings for the experience!


Unfortunately I did not enjoy using this line. Very grateful to have received these from StyleKorean and Be The Skin, but unfortunately not for me.

Pore Zero Cleansing Foam ⭐️⭐️

Pore Zero Toner ⭐️⭐️

Pore Zero Serum ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Pore Zero Cream ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨

Have you tried this line from Be The Skin? Let me know your thoughts!

Disclaimer: Please note that my articles are written according to my own personal experience. All opinions stated are my own and I tend to keep things as honest as possible for my readers. There will always be varying experiences and opinions from others, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. As a consumer, the choice is ultimately yours to make. Feel free to go ahead and test products at your nearest outlet before making a purchasing decision.

Note: If you would like to support me, feel free to purchase from the links in the blog! I'll be able to receive a small commission from the retailers if so and it will really help a small content creator like me to grow.

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