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Bobbi Brown - Crushed Lip Color (Ruby) Review

Hello, today I'll be writing about Bobbi Brown's Crushed Lip Color in Ruby. This is my first proper lipstick I ever bought which kind of kick started my love to cosmetics. Back when I was a teenager I was using all sorts of sketchy makeup from China that came from questionable sources and made from materials that would probably kill me.

But anyway. Here are some key points for this Ruby lipstick.

Bobbi Brown, Crushed Lip Color, Shade Ruby.
Bobbi Brown - Crushed Lip Color (Ruby)

🖤 Color - A mid-tone Ruby Red

🖤 Texture - Balmy, satin matte

🖤 Coverage - Sheer, buildable

🖤 Scent - Clinical, typical high-end lipstick scent

🖤 Price - RM106

Advertised points -

✔️ Castor seed oil as the main ingredient along with Vitamin E & C

✔️ Free of - Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Gluten, Sulfites, Mineral Oil, Tricolsan, Formaldehyde

I got to know of this product through Pony Makeup through a cute mini MV she made with Bobbi Brown for the Crushed Lip Color product line.

I'm a simple girl, a lipstick with my name in a dark-tone red, I'm instantly sold. Come on, who wouldn't be after watching this MV, jesus.

First Impressions

I made my purchase from Bobbi Brown's Pavilion KL outlet. My first impression was that it wasn't as dark as I thought it would be. From both photos and videos I had imagined it would be a darker red, but in reality it was as the official description of this color had said - a mid-tone red.

This lipstick still became my go-to for everyday use for when I went to office. It's application adds a subtle hint of color onto your lips that is able to breath life into your overall look. Especially when I'm the type that has very pale/discolored lips, this Ruby shade really gave me the red tint I needed.

The mid to dark tone of its sheer application gives a rather subtle and mysterious allure, so if you're a fan of darker lip colors like me, you can go check these out. It also seems to be a fusion of a lipstick and a lip balm, as it leaves your lips hydrated and moisturized throughout the day.

One more thing worth mentioning is that the color lasts quite a while on my lips, it's still there even after a meal somehow. I don't find myself needing to reapply much throughout the day. The color fades slowly so it doesn't look too messy, and since it's not a matte lipstick, it's not transfer-proof (duh).

After the positives, here comes some of my complaints. Firstly, the scent is rather appalling for me. I feel like most people probably wouldn't mind it since it's a very typical high-end lipstick type of a scent, but it just didn't rub off on me. You won't smell it much on your lips, but when you smell it before application, uhh 😬

Unlike how their key advertising visuals suggest, you will only be able to achieve that sort of dark, rich color through layers upon layers of application. I personally think that it should've been advertised as more of a natural, everyday type of lipstick, because if people were looking for a bold lip look, they can just opt for lipsticks with more color payoff. Even so, I don't think you would have an issue with this if you're intending to purchase any of their more natural lip colors or their Nudes Collection from the Crushed Lip Color line.

Bobbi Brown - Crushed Lip Color (Ruby) Swatches & Display
Bobbi Brown - Crushed Lip Color (Ruby) Swatches & Display

TL;DR - Came for the bold, stayed for the natural.

Here's my personal ratings for the product!


💖 Long-lasting!

💖 Moisturizing and comfortable on the lips. Dry-lips friendly.

💖 Able to create diverse looks with different color intensities.

💖 Can be used for many occasions from casual to formal.

🤔 You'll need a lot of layers to get a rich, bold color payoff as advertised.

❌ The scent though 😂 Like girl, you're not even fragrance-free and you smell like this?

Annnnd that's all! Looking forward to try more Bobbi Brown products in the future.

Disclaimer: Please note that my articles are written according to my own personal experience. All opinions stated are my own and I tend to keep things as honest as possible for my readers. There will always be varying experiences and opinions from others, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. As a consumer, the choice is ultimately yours to make. Feel free to go ahead and test products at your nearest outlet before making a purchasing decision.

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