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Life - 01/11/2020

Moving from Blogger over to Wix. Let's see what we can do here!

Hello! It's been some time since I've updated. I really should make it a habit to update on computer more often. I normally just journal as it gives me time away from all the gadgets and the Internet.

My last entry was in May 2020, right after resigning from my previous company.

That resignation showed me how it really is like in the corporate world. How you will always be disposable to the company no matter how much effort you put into your work. But as per usual, I'm glad I got to meet many good friends and colleagues there, and I've forced myself to go through with the two-month notice.

While we were going through MCO during that time, we were all working from home. The amount of work shoved to me was insane, including work that wasn't even supposed to be mine. I know I was being taken advantage of, and it shows that even though you may want things to end well, others may not want the same. Even after I completed my two-months notice, my ex-company had not formally settled my resignation. The papers weren't done, they didn't call me up to return the company assets, and I was the one who had to approach the HR myself.

Overall, it was quite the shit show. But anyhow, I've gone through that and moved on.

Within a week after my two-months notice ended, I was hired by another company.

I was very grateful for the opportunity and was more than glad I was able to get a new job so quickly, especially during a pandemic. The pay wasn't what I was expecting, but the company made it up in many different aspects.

I got to meet colleagues that I can now call close friends. I guess I'm among the few who are lucky enough to still be able to meet colleagues that I can relay my worries and feelings to. And this time, my company was in my hometown. Although still quite far away from my home, the company culture was warmer, and I felt more at home working with them.

I had colleagues who lived near me, and that made travelling to work easier as I could carpool with them, saving expenses. The office was an open one, packed with many entertainment factors and a balcony with a spectacular view of the small city.

But with the good, comes the bad. My company is what they call, a 'grey area' type of company. It is lawfully registered under the government, but it has certain departments that deal with 'grey areas' in the market. I can't put much information out into the public, so I'll just stop there.

Working here has been a roller-coaster ride. The colleagues are really into drinking and partying, which I definitely steered clear of. We've had police coming in for a raid, and that definitely scared the fuck out of me, not going to lie.

So even though I'm happy and rather content working here, I'm not sure if this is the place to stay in the long run.

Personally, I do not like getting myself involved in shady business of any sort, and my company is gracious enough to place me in proper departments so I was comfortable. But being a small company that was expanding, the management has a lot to learn and a lot of space to grow. It all depends on the boss.

They don't mind about company structure at all, which throws me off a little bit because I came from a corporate background. It was kind of like a culture shock, when I don't know exactly who my superior is, and why I can take instructions from any colleague that seeks my help. Back in corporate, I'd get fucked if I took instructions from anyone but my superior.

But that also means massive growth and exposure for me. Because it means I could learn and gain experience from different departments. From being a normal social media content writer, I was given the opportunity to even co-lead a company project alongside my boss. I'm thankful for the opportunity, and I'm planning to make the most out of it.

Another thorn in my ass, was when the company broke their promise to me. During confirmation, they did not give the promised increment as they said during recruitment, they gave me a mere RM100 increment. Imagine my disgust. You can already imagine my face.

The given reason was that the company normally does their increments at the end of the year, and I was confirmed around July, and hence they would like to wait until the end of the year before giving me the increment.

But, that means it would delay my career growth, wouldn't it? But I've went through it in my mind recently, and to be honest, even though I would like a significant increase in my salary, I probably shouldn't expect too much. It's the year of the pandemic, I'm lucky to still get a job. So I guess I'll press down my expectations, but I'd still hope for the best.

Life wise, I think things have been going rather great! And hence with the free time I have, I've decided to come back to blogging a little more. I find a lot of joy sharing my experiences with people, so I hope eventually my content will be able to be of help somehow!

Signing off for now, do stay safe during this period of time!

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