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A refreshingly rebellious Malaysian makeup brand - Rawlulu Cosmetics Review

During the earlier days of looking for darker lipstick shades, I came across Rawlulu Cosmetics. A quick search brought me to the owner's blog and Instagram, and I was immediately impressed by the brand voice, especially since it was a Malaysian brand.

When I was growing up, I was constantly being brought down for being very rebellious and different during my secondary school years. I was just the edgy girl into rock and metal music with the 'I-hate-everything' vibe. Overall, I was just taught to 'go with the flow', "Why can't you just be like everyone else?" questions would pop-up. Throughout my teenage years, I just never found someone who related to me, and to suddenly run across an entire brand that is so vocal about being different, about being weird and standing out? How can I not dedicate an entire blog post for them, am I right?

Read on for my review!

Rawlulu Cosmetics

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Rawlulu Cosmetics stand out from other Malaysian brands by simply being bold and different. Accommodating the needs of fellow artists, rebels and heretics out there, the brand stands proud and unapologetically to the core values of it's owner - Ally Lilith. It's also cruelty-free with mid-range price points.

They are known for their darker brand story, with bold lipstick shades that range from pure black to turquoise blues. I've followed them for a few years, and they have consistently launched new products - from blushers, lipsticks, to candles and nail polishes.

My Experience & Review

'Egostix' Review

I've purchased their initial line of matte liquid lipsticks - named 'Egostix'. I got 'Cerberus' - a dark brown with a red undertone, and 'Lilith' - a dark red with a blue undertone.

Rawlulu Cosmetics - Egostix (Cerberus) Swatch & Display.
Rawlulu Cosmetics - Egostix (Cerberus) Swatch & Display
Rawlulu Cosmetics - Egostix (Lilith) Swatch & Display
Rawlulu Cosmetics - Egostix (Lilith) Swatch & Display

The Positive

💖 Beautiful color-payoff, no color difference

💖 Unique and bold shade range

💖 Smooth application

💖 Cruelty-free and lightweight

💸 Moderate-affordable pricing

😈 Extra points for the brand story and concepts

The Negative

😢 The formula flakes off my lips rather quickly, it may be different for you, so don't worry!

😢 It's very drying for me, vaseline or lip balm is recommended before application

I hope this doesn't scare you off from this brand, because after all, this is their first launching line, and they've improved their formulas accordingly. These are still my favorite matte lipsticks to wear when it comes to photoshoots and makeup looks I make. Because their color payoff is really good, but then reapplying is quite a hassle sometimes because they just fall off my lips so fast and I don't even know why. And because of that, I recommend trying out the Nudist or their newer Luna Sollis line instead of the Egostix line!

'Nudist' Collection Review

Here's the shade I purchased from the Nudist line, which is their line of of daily nude shades. There are seven shades in total named after every single day in the week, and I bought the shade 'Saturday'.

Rawlulu Cosmetics - Nudist (Saturday) Swatch & Display
Rawlulu Cosmetics - Nudist (Saturday) Swatch & Display

I really like this formula as it's long lasting and doesn't dry out my lips as much. It has a very creamy matte consistency but is very lightweight. The scent is enjoyable and not too heavy as well. You can also opt to prime or prep your lips with lip balm or vaseline before applying them. Reapplying wasn't an issue for me as the formula glides on smoothly.

Aaaand here comes my holy grail product.

Kamikaze Red is Rawlulu's limited edition shade - a blood red that's just a little lighter and brighter than 'Lilith'.

Rawlulu Cosmetics - Kamikaze Red Swatch & Display
Rawlulu Cosmetics - Kamikaze Red Swatch & Display

Of all the three matte liquid lipsticks I got from the brand, this one is for sure my favorite. I'm very sure it's a different formula from the Egostix line because this 👏 lasts 👏 a 👏 fucking 👏 lifetime on my lips. The packaging is more similar to the Nudist collection, and I prefer this formula so much more! It isn't as drying as Egostix on me, doesn't flake, is long lasting and so so comfortable!

It's not transfer-proof though, but I don't mind that at all in exchange for such good performance. I have no issue with reapplying this formula, unlike the Egostix, it doesn't peel off the old layer.

The fact that it's limited edition means that I'll only bust it out when I need to be at my best 😭 I haven't tried their newest Luna Sollis line, but hopefully they have the same formula as this one, because god damn I need more of this in my life.


Egostix - (5/10)

Drying, flakes and doesn't last on me. But still beautiful color payoff for makeup concepts and shoots. Wouldn't recommend for anyone with dry and sensitive lips. If your lips are very resilient, you won't have a problem with this line.

Nudist - (8/10)

Very creamy formula that slowly fades throughout the day. Easy reapplication, doesn't dry out the lips.

Kamikaze Red - (10/10)

This is literally the perfected version of the Egostix line. It solves all of the problems I faced using Egostix. Beautiful color payoff, lasts an eternity, doesn't flake and isn't drying. I fucking love this. The brand stated that I'd love their Luna Sollis line if I loved Kamikaze Red, as of now, I haven't tried it yet, but I'll definitely update accordingly once I do!

I'll slowly update some missing photos for the Nudist line, and also once I try their new Luna Sollis line! My friend also enjoys their blushers and also speaks highly of their eyeshadows. Have you tried Rawlulu's products? Let me know!

Disclaimer: Please note that my articles are written according to my own personal experience. All opinions stated are my own and I tend to keep things as honest as possible for my readers. There will always be varying experiences and opinions from others, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. As a consumer, the choice is ultimately yours to make. Feel free to go ahead and test products at your nearest outlet before making a purchasing decision.

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