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Magnetic Falsies - Hit or Miss? Review of the MAGXLASH

A review event came along for the MAGXLASH, a Malaysian cosmetic company that focuses on magnetic eyelashes. And of course, I leaped at the opportunity.


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Vegan and cruelty-free, the price range for the MAGXLASH's magnetic eyelashes are rather reasonable, at RM65 per pair that can be used up to 30 times. With four main variations, their lashes can be used for daily, more casual occasions as well as for formal, glamorous ones. I think the most attractive thing about them is that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee if their products don't work for you.

First Impressions

I was super excited to try these out, because I'm a cosplayer that's pretty used to normal falsies and I really wanted to see if it made a big difference.

The packaging this came in was gorgeous, you can watch my brief unboxing here -

The package came with a pair of magnetic eyelashes (Day X Night), a magnetic eyeliner, a maintenance kit and an instructions sheet. Everything felt expensive and wonderfully curated.

the magxlash, the magxlash review, the magxlash unboxing,
The MAGXLASH - Package Overview


After several uses, I've noticed the clear pros and cons for these magnetic falsies. Let's start with the pros!

These magnetic eyelashes are super convenient. This trait alone is enough for me to actually repurchase these magnetic falsies. They are also very easy-to-use and beginner-friendly in my opinion. As you wait for their magnetic eyeliner to dry down, all you need to do is attach these falsies onto your lash line and they're good to go. Easy to reapply, easy to adjust and feels super lightweight!

the magxlash, magxlash, the magxlash review, work x play,
The MAGXLASH - Work X Play Magnetic Falsies

There are a total of five magnets on each lash, giving them the adaptability to adhere to different eye shapes. They also look very natural and pleasing, according to whichever variation you opt for, I really loved how my own pair (Work X Play) looked!

With their own container, these lashes are also very easy to store and keep. And one thing about these is that you don't need to worry about wear time at all. They are very comfortable to wear, something I don't really experience with normal falsies.

the magxlash, magxlash, work x play, magxlash display, magxlash review
The MAGXLASH (Work X Play) Magnetic Falsies on me!

But here comes the cons 👉👈

I didn't really like the magnetic eyeliner. Maybe I received a faulty brush because my friend's brush had no issue, but the tip of mine had split hairs, making it clumsy during application. Here's a closeup.

magxlash, the magxlash, the magxlash review, the magxlash magnetic eyeliner,
The MAGXLASH - Magnetic Eyeliner

It was rather sticky, which seemed to be normal for magnetic eyeliners (?) I'm not sure, please comment down below! So if you're not careful with the application, the liquid may get onto your original lashes and make them stick together as well, which was a little bothersome.

Since the magnetic eyeliner is what allows the magnetic falsies to attach themselves onto your lash line, you will need to apply the eyeliner a little thicker than you normally do. Around 2mm would be enough for the magnets to secure themselves, but the thicker your eyeliner, the easier it should be.

I also notice that they tend to sit on top of your original lashes, making it look like you have two layers of eyelashes even if you curl them before application. This is caused by the 2mm width of the magnets, which causes a tiny distance between your original lash and the magnetic lash. It isn't noticeable from far, I think only reviewers like me or makeup enthusiasts will notice this little detail.

themagxlash, magxlash, the magxlash review, work x play, magnetic eyelashes, magnetic falsies
The MAGXLASH - Work X Play Magnetic Falsies Display

They also don't dry down very quickly, or maybe I'm just used to using quick-drying formulas. But please make sure to wait until your eyeliner is dry before you apply your magnetic falsies. Don't be like me and attach them before it dries, you will get some of the liquid on your magnets and hinder their performance.

If I were to summarize the downside for magnetic falsies in general, I think it would be the overly meticulous process of maintaining and caring for them. As someone who is super clumsy, I tried to be gentle but I still failed because a few magnets came out after three wears. Please understand that I'm not saying that the quality isn't good, I would repurchase these! I was just too clumsy and impatient with them.

I do not know what exactly I did wrong, because I made sure to hold the bands instead of the lashes as instructed. Maybe it was the mascara I used before I put them on that turned slightly tacky after a long night out that caused the magnets to dislodge. I have no idea. I just remember them being harder to take off, and when I held the band firmly and tugged, two of the magnets dislodged, as if the magnetic eyeliner held on to them too tightly.

Of course, if you've purchased these and had such an experience, you'll be able to exchange and return if it's within a 30-day span of your purchase. Again, please understand that I really enjoyed this product and I'm actually contemplating to buy these again myself to see if it's really me being too clumsy 😅

Finally, here's my personal ratings for the product!


💖 Easy to use, convenient and super comfortable!

💖 Lightweight, doesn't stab me in the eyes!

💖 Reasonable pricing, gorgeous packaging.

😶 I probably received a faulty eyeliner brush... Else it'd be fine.

😶 I'm too clumsy 😭

And yes, that should be all for my review! I really hope it wouldn't deter you from trying The MAGXLASH out, because I've read so many positive reviews for their products. As a reviewer, I'm just making sure I highlight out all pros and cons for you as a reader.

Disclaimer: Please note that my articles are written according to my own personal experience. All opinions stated are my own and I tend to keep things as honest as possible for my readers. There will always be varying experiences and opinions from others, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. As a consumer, the choice is ultimately yours to make. Feel free to go ahead and test products at your nearest outlet before making a purchasing decision.

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