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Struggling with body acne, and what I'm trying

Do you have any problems with body acne?

I struggle with it a lot, especially back in college. It certainly has cleared up over the years, but it still returns from time to time and it is especially irritating for me. I'm trying really hard to fix it because I want to get ready for a tattoo in the near future, and I want it on my back. I figured if I had body acne, that would really mess up the artwork, wouldn't it?

What causes body acne?

There seems to be quite a wide array of possibilities on why you may have body acne. Among the most unexpected ones being that it may be a genetic factor. When I got this info, I was pretty surprised. Because my father's side of the family does have body acne problems, especially my dad.

Heat, friction and sweat is the second main cause of body acne. I'd find those nasty little bumps along the lines of my bra straps or the area where my sports bra covers my back. I started taking off my sports bra as soon as possible after working out while I'm resting after a workout, so the fabric wouldn't suffocate and clog my pores, and fortunately, it does work!

There are also other reasons why body acne occurs, some includes the high amount of oil glands you may have, or you may be using comedogenic products. The suitable product is very important when it comes to taking care of your skin and body acne, and your hair or skin products may also be the culprit behind your breakouts.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. When I asked my family doctor regarding how I should fix my body acne, he told me stress and hormonal factors may affect it too. So basically, he's trying to tell me to sleep early and try not to stress myself out too much. (Wish it was that easy though)

Anyway, let's get into what I'm trying at the moment - the T3 Acne Body Wash.

T3 Acne Body Wash, T3 Acne Body Spray Review
T3 Malaysia Body Acne Products - T3 Acne Body Wash, T3 Acne Body Spray

My sister actually bought a series of items from their line from the pharmacy for me and my father to try, knowing that we struggle with body acne. She also got us the T3 Acne Body Spray, that was mainly used by my dad. T3 is the No. 1 Anti-Acne brand recommended by doctors in Malaysia, and their products range from face to body products that combats acne issues in both teenagers and adults. You'll be able to find their products at your nearest pharmacy and they are super easy and affordable to get!

Just to let you know, my dad's body acne is really bad, and we don't even know what the cause actually is (hopefully it's not purely genetic). He would have a combination of large lumps and smaller pimples all around his lower back that are generally red with some even filled with pus. Even though he's usually topless (like every Malaysian uncle out there when they're resting at home), his body acne problem haven't seen any improvements.

He has recently tried to cut down on chicken and eggs. Though his condition has slightly improved, it's still far from recovery.

Alright, let's jump into the product review.

From my own personal experience, my skin didn't really fancy the product at the beginning. But after a while, I decided to try using it again because I wouldn't want to let my sister's effort go to waste.

It takes time, effort and consistency.

T3 is something you would want to use in the long run, just like every single skincare or body care product out there. If you have active body acne (basically pimples on your back), the T3 Acne Body Wash seems to be able to get rid of it in around a week or so of continuous use. I've also found it effective in reducing the texture of smaller bumps on my back. It's understandable that it does not have immediate, jaw-dropping, God-healing effects.

As for the T3 Acne Body Spray, my dad is the only one using it. The most prominent effect was the reduced redness of his body acne. The skin around his body acne are normally very red, and after a few weeks use of the body spray, and along with his controlled diet, the most affected part of his back has seen some improvements.

It's been around a month or so of trying out T3 products, and I will definitely update any prominent progress here in the near future! Have you tried T3 Acne products? Let me know!

You can learn more about T3 Malaysia products here! - T3 Malaysia [Website]



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