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The Malaysian version of the Ordinary - RuRuBERRY (Showcase & Review)

If you've been looking into skincare brands, you're sure to come across a brand called 'the Ordinary'. They rose to fame in the recent years by offering effective, low-cost skincare and the millennials loved it.

But, if you're in Malaysia, you would know how hard it is to actually purchase 'the Ordinary' products. With no official distributor here, we have to rely on resellers who import from other countries such as Korea and Hong Kong. And hence, many of us struggle with the authenticity of the products. If we were to look for reliable resellers, their price markup is so high that it's not really worth the money anymore.

So today, I want to introduce you guys to 'RuRuBERRY', our very own Malaysian version of 'the Ordinary'.


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💖 To-know before you read my skincare reviews 💖

- I live in Malaysia (tropical, humid and hot af climate)

- I have dry to very dry skin

- My main issues with skin revolves around closed comedones and fungal acne

First Impressions

My RuRuBERRY Package - Gentle Fresh Cleansing Gel 50ml & 10% Niacinamide+Zinc. Ruruberry review.
My RuRuBERRY Package - Gentle Fresh Cleansing Gel 50ml & 10% Niacinamide+Zinc

I'm very lucky to have gotten chosen by Picky App and RuRuBERRY to review their products. These products are gifted to be in exchange for my honest opinion.

The package came in a sturdy carton box and I was very surprised when I opened it. Inside, was an intricately designed box with my two products. Boldly printed on it, was a very meaningful quote that stands with the brand's philosophy -"Beauty is a gift, kindness is a choice".

RuRuBERRY's Packaging. Ruruberry review
RuRuBERRY's Packaging

RuRuBERRY is vegan and cruelty-free. They are also very serious about climate change and minimizing their carbon footprint, and all their packaging is recyclable.

RuRuBERRY Review & User Experience

RuRuBERRY Gentle Fresh Cleansing Gel 50ml & 10% Niacinamide+Zinc. Ruruberry review
RuRuBERRY Gentle Fresh Cleansing Gel 50ml & 10% Niacinamide+Zinc

RuRuBERRY - Gentle Fresh Cleansing Gel Review

💸 Price - USD10 | RM33 (50ml)

📦 Packaging – Normal squeezy tube

💧 Texture – Gel

🌸 Scent – Fragrance-free, no scent


✨ Low pH, non-stripping, suitable for daily use

✨ Texturally-mild but functionally-effective cleanser

Helps with

💖 Removing daily impurities and sunscreen

💖 Boosts skin moisture and hydration

✔️ Fragrance-free, vegan, fungal-acne safe, non-comedogenic

My Review

My first reaction to this cleanser was that it was really small - only 50ml. As someone with dry skin, I'm always very cautious with cleansers as a lot of them tend to overly-strip my skin. This was actually pretty alright!

You can feel that it really cleanses your skin, but due to its formulation, it still helps to retain moisture and hydration, so it didn't leave my skin feeling tight after using it. I'm not the type of person that uses cleansers every day (that's how dry my skin is), but I had no issues using this everyday.

It's also a gel cleanser, which I prefer over foaming cleansers. Their product page claims that it can also remove makeup, but I tried it and I can't really agree with that. It has no issues with cleaning off daily impurities and SPF though!

RuRuBERRY - 10% Niacinamide+Zinc Review

💸 Price - USD9 | RM29 (30ml)

📦 Packaging – Glass dropper bottle

💧 Texture – Thick but easily absorbed

🌸 Scent – Fragrance-free, no scent


✨ Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) [10%]

✨ Zinc PCA [1%]

Helps with

💖 Hyperpigmentation and uneven complexion

💖 Skin congestion and sebum secretion

💖 Smoothen skin and brightening skin tone

✔️ Fragrance-free, vegan, fungal-acne safe, non-comedogenic

My Review

I was like, is this the complete same formula as 'the Ordinary' version? And after I looked up the percentage, I guess it's about the same (Niacinamide 10%+Zinc 1%). On it's own, it's a super affordable, fool-proof Niacinamide serum that you should try if you haven't already.

Especially if you're Malaysian, this brand is so accessible that I highly recommend trying this. It's a literal dupe to 'the Ordinary's own Niacinamide serum, and I'm more than happy to switch to this one. This product gives your skin the best of the ingredient - from skin tone brightening, evening out skin texture and regulating sebum production, this can do it all.

I definitely recommend prolonged-use of Niacinamide as a skincare ingredient to achieve the best version of your skin.

TL;DR - Affordable and effective skincare products! 👑

RuRuBERRY Gentle Fresh Cleansing Gel 50ml & 10% Niacinamide+Zinc. Ruruberry review
RuRuBERRY Gentle Fresh Cleansing Gel 50ml & 10% Niacinamide+Zinc

Here's my personal ratings for the experience!


Both of these products worked very well for me! I can definitely see myself repurchasing and using them on the daily.

💖 Gentle Fresh Cleansing Gel - My only complaint is that it's not large enough 😏 Otherwise, everything else is great! Definitely understand why they said this product was 'texturally mild but functionally-effective.

💖 10% Niacinamide+Zinc - A good serum to add to your already-established skincare routine. Don't just use this on your own, make sure you have the basics (Cleanser, Moisturizer, SPF) ready. A great niacinamide product for it's pricing, highly recommended!

I didn't expect myself to love these products so much, and I'm all about their brand philosophy. I'm looking forward to supporting this local brand more in the future, and hopefully I can try our more of their products!

Have you tried RuRuBERRY? Let me know your thoughts!

Disclaimer: Please note that my articles are written according to my own personal experience. All opinions stated are my own and I tend to keep things as honest as possible for my readers. There will always be varying experiences and opinions from others, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. As a consumer, the choice is ultimately yours to make. Feel free to go ahead and test products at your nearest outlet before making a purchasing decision.


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